Our Mission

Our mission is to represent the workplace drug and alcohol testing providers and equipment suppliers throughout Australia.

We strive to improve the professionalism of workplace drug and alcohol testing by:

  • Encouraging best practices to uphold accurate and professional service delivery for the welfare and safety of those tested and other related stakeholders.

  • Promote the consistency and quality of workplace drug and alcohol testing programs.

  • Developing additional guidelines and protocols to support the existing Australian workplace drug testing Standards where appropriate.

  • Improving education and public and corporate awareness about the importance and advantages of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

  • Advancing common goals of members in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated committee members.

Malcom Beacham

Chairman WDTA

Managing Director: Safework Laboratories Pty Ltd

My interest is in providing support for organisations that are invested in ensuring their working environment is a safe as is possible. Workplace accidents are nearly always preventable and with appropriate safeguards, all employees should feel that they can return home each day safe and well.

I have worked in health care, including building, owning and running medical centres, hospitals and laboratories, for over 30 years.

I firmly believe that worksite alcohol and drug testing plays a key role in assisting employers with reducing workplace accidents as well as demonstrating a care and commitment to their staff.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Science from Curtin University, a post graduate degree in biomedical science and an MBA. My prior experience includes working for a large publicly ASX listed healthcare company as a senior executive.

John DeMelllow

Public officer WTDA

Gavin Holland

Director WDTA

Owner and Director of Royal Medical Supplies

I have over 36 years’ experience in the Pathology / Clinical Chemistry / Toxicology industries in Australia, having worked in a pathology lab for many years and for US multinational suppliers of laboratory equipment and consumables.

In 2009 Royal Medical Supplies was born and since then, the company has developed into one of the largest suppliers of drug screening devices in Australia and New Zealand.

I hold a degree in Biomedical Science (Clinical Chemistry) (UTS) and hold a Certificate in Business Management (MGSM).

I am committed to providing the Australian workplace with a workable quality testing framework and to be a resource to the diverse user base that operates in this industry.

John Jeffs

Treasurer and Secretary WDTA

Director & Owner J & K Nominees Pty Ltd

I have been in this industry since 1989 (30 years’ experience), and in fact was the first company to carry out Random Drug and Alcohol Testing. I have a 23-year background as member of the Police Forces, and being a fully qualified breathalyser operator allowed me on retirement to venture into the Drug and Alcohol Testing World.

Over the years this industry has developed and more companies are involved which is good to see.

Products have improved and no doubt will continue to do so. I can only see good coming out of the WDTA Association and that its membership will spiral.

Larissa McLaughlin

Membership Officer WDTA

Abbott, Business Unit Manager, Toxicology, ANZPI

With over 10 years of experience in the drug testing industry I look forward to working with our members as we grow and empower our industry.

About Us

About Workplace Drug Testing Association

Established as a non-profit organisation in 2017, the Workplace Drug Testing Association (WDTA) is located in Sydney, Australia. WDTA is made up of companies with an interest in quality workplace drug and alcohol testing programs throughout Australia.

The Workplace Drug Testing Association acts as a peak body to represent the interests of drug testing providers, equipment suppliers and specialist consultants to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the industry. Our members operate in a diverse range of Australian environments and cultures.

Our Credibility  

WDTA possesses individuals and organisations with decades of experience in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry. They are honoured to deliver hundreds of thousands of drug tests every year with the implication of the latest technology in their operations.

WDTA members account for about 75-80 percent of all workplace drug testing in Australia, allowing us to speak credibility and authority in every aspect, ensuring:

  • Implementation of best practices and the latest technology for accurate workplace drug and alcohol testing.
  • Provision of technological and scientific advice in the field of workplace drug and alcohol testing.
  • Consistency, reliability, accuracy, and quality for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Our members include the largest drug and alcohol testing companies in Australia. We represent the Industry on all relevant Australian Standards for workplace drug testing, supply information to Government Bodies (including the Federal Government of Australia) and represent the broad interests of this sector in Australia.

Australia’s Peak Industry Body for the Workplace Drug Testing Industry

  • enquiries@wdta.org.au


Here’s what our happy members had to say about our services:

Royal Medical Supplies joined the WDTA due to frustration with the existing standards and relevant accreditation bodies. The WDTA is a welcome collective of highly experienced drug testing organisations and individuals and I highly recommend this association to anyone in the workplace drug testing industry.

Royal Medical Supplies Pty Ltd

We joined WDTA because we felt it was important to be part of a united industry body, promoting the interests of members for compliance and dealings with various government agencies. WDTA has quickly established a foothold in this regard with representation on various Australian Standards Committees and presentations to the Senate

Fit 4 Duty Pty Ltd

Safework Laboratories has been a member for the WDTA since its inception in 2017. We felt that there was a need to have an industry body that represented those organisations that do onsite workplace drug testing and SWL has been delighted to see the interest in our new association as well as the high profile it has achieved. In the short existence of the WDTA, it has been an influential advisor and committee member advising on new Australian Standards that are directly applicable to workplace drug testing, it has been asked to present to a Senate Enquiry as well other political events, but equally importantly it has provided a forum whereby those companies that work in this space can interact and work in a collaborative way to support and help each other on areas of mutual interest.

Safework Laboratories

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